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Crystal is the miner mining ore, the powerhouse, and the endurance champion. She weaves the empty spaces between the threads, molten metal exposes itself in the voids. 

She teaches me perseverance and reverence for process. 


We ask each other how to take the armor off.  We don’t look away from the skin underneath, pink and alive.  We shed the husk and search for the vibrant and gooey inside.

We are tethered. We dig. We turn over. I wear a headlamp. She holds a pickaxe. We crack our comfort. Form new paths through rock.



The lines between life and art are non-existent. I watch in the quiet moments as Alexa stalks her razor’s edge, knowing the moment after will  be changed forever, never to be undone. I study her body language as she engage with your inner voice, listening intently. Then with the quick concise movement of a wolf she makes her mark.  After, woke from the trance, she looks with fresh sight at the evidence of the dance that will now be lived with.


She communicates through form and material and teaches me to listen without sound.


We push each other and grow strong from the support we find in one another. In this partnership we challenge each other with effort toward untangling intricate truths providing a safe platform for our counterpart to transgress and transcend.

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